Become a Member

To become a Friend, an annual payment of £10 (individual) is required. You can become a life member by paying £100. This payment can be made by electronic transfer of funds, cheque or Paypal, the bank account details being:

  • bank – Natwest
  •  sort code – 60-07-25
  •  account number – 46543287

If paying by electronic transfer of funds, please use your name or that of your organisation as a reference. We would be grateful if you can send us an email after becoming a Friend using the contact form below or emailing, in order to ensure that we activate your membership and allows us to thank you for becoming a Friend, as well as keeping you updated with all the latest news and events.

We also accept payments via PayPal. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay your membership fee this way as you can use a credit card. To do so click on the Donate button below:

For general donations outside of membership, please use either the account details above or the PayPal button below which will let you insert any amount that you would like to donate.