Special Coronation Picnic Party Newsletter

A special Coronation Picnic Party & dog show newsletter has been published by the Friends of Pinner Village Gardens to record this fun event as part of a historic weekend. 

What it cannot show you is the hours of planning by the volunteers that went into making it a success before and after the event. The party is not over until the clearing-up is done.

There are lots of photos – you may see yourself or your dog – but we cannot include everyone.  
It was a great surprise that King’s representative for Greater London Deputy Lieutenant  Simon Ovens attended to deliver a message from King Charles III, and accompanied the then Mayor of Harrow Councillor Janet Mote.

New Newsletter for Friends of Pinner Village Gardens

This is the first edition of the new Newsletter for Friends of Pinner Village Gardens.

This Spring 2023 edition looks forward to an exclusive visit to see rare, historic, fragile botanic books and to our Coronation Event & Picnic Party on Sunday 7 May 2023, gardening tips for Spring into Summer, and a brief look at the past very cold Winter.

It also includes an exclusive opportunity to visit to the rare & historic books section of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Library in central London.  
Very few people get this opportunity to go behind the scenes into this strictly controlled, secure, climate-controlled library area.

For these reasons, this opportunity is initially only being offered to Life Members and those who have renewed their Annual subscriptions (individual and family). 

Tickets are £10 per person, limited to a maximum of two. The visit is Tuesday 13 June 2023. More details are in the Newsletter or contact us. 

We are very privileged to be given this opportunity by the RHS Library and delighted that they are supporting the work of the Friends of PVG in the park.

In future, this quarterly Newsletter will only be emailed to Life Members and those with current paid Annual subscriptions.  This is to give our subscribers the first opportunity to join special visits, talks, or training sessions we plan to run. Some four weeks later we will publish it on this website.