Can the Pinner Local Community Bring a Junior Parkrun to Pinner Village Gardens?

The Friends of Pinner Village Gardens, local running club Metros and members of the local community are keen to establish a Pinner junior parkrun within Pinner Village Gardens.

Junior parkrun is a free 2km event for children between the ages of 4 and 14 of all running standards, which will take place every Sunday at 9:00am in Pinner Village Gardens.

Junior parkrun offers an opportunity for all the family to get involved and come together on a regular basis to help improve their health and fitness whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful park. Everyone can jog, run, skip or walk together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all, and best of all, it really is free for participants! The organising team is working hard to achieve the various goals needed to bring the junior parkrun to Pinner.One of the main challenges to starting a junior parkrun is obtaining the £4,000 funding for the start-up fee which is essentially the purchase of a perpetual license to operate parkrun. This will include the provision of essential equipment needed to operate the parkrun (license, insurance, signage, etc.)  as well as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The team are investigating several avenues to gain funding and the Friends of Pinner Village Gardens are eager to make a donation towards the effort.
If any of our members or the broader community wish to make a contribution towards establishing the junior parkrun, you can do so by electronic fund transfer using reference: Pinner parkrun

·          bank – Co-operative
·          account name – FRIENDS OF PINNER VILLAGE GARDENS
·          sort code – 08-92-99
·          account number – 65792256

In addition, the FoPVG and colleagues at Nower Hill School, are hoping to organise a sponsored 2km event on Sunday 25th July. More information on that in the near future.

If anyone would like further information on the junior parkrun or are interested in occasional volunteering, please contact:

Glyn Watkins –

Emma Rackham –